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August 28, 2012
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Princess Ferocity. Part Two.
The Prince.
18 years had passed since that fateful day Princess Felicity was changed into a dragon by the wizard Slythril.  The king and Queen missed her of course, but like all others in the kingdom, they dare not go near her cave, for they weren't sure exactly what they would be met with. Was the Princess back to her old mean self? Was she even worse than before? Had she decided to change? Who knew? The only one that knew of her progress was Foolharte, but ever since he and the princess left for the cave they now hid inside, he decided it was best not to leave the Princess's side at all.
Princess Felicity had been changing though. She was immensely kinder to Foolharte every day, and as she grew older over the years she had gotten used to being a dragon. True, she missed her old form, but for once in her life she was happy without having to order people around to be happy.
Odd thing huh?
In a kingdom about 500 acres away from Princess Felicity's own home, news had reached the civilian's ears of the girl who had been changed into a dragon.  Of course, the story had been completely changed. The kingdom had started up rumours about the fact that now the princess dragon was terrorizing places, flaming people to death or stomping on houses just because she was 'angry' at her change and wanted revenge. Her own home knew this to be false, but this kingdom had developed the stories of her fearsome reputation, earning her the new name 'Princess Ferocity'.
There was only one there who felt this wasn't right. Strangely enough, the prince of the kingdom believed that Felicity was innocent and that his parents, along with the rest of the kingdom, were treating her harshly simply because they knew of her past. The Prince's name was Prince Nicholas, or as he wanted to be called, Prince Nick. Not because he stole things, but more because the name sounded cooler so it stuck with him. Prince Nick, while he was young, had spent time trying to be a better, nicer person to others, especially those who had been treated with disrespect.  Now, 18 years later, he was considered the kindest and most caring person in the kingdom. And when he had heard the story of the Princess, he immediately felt sorry for her and wanted to help her out. He spent those following days during the times the silly rumours spread around finding out as much as he could about Felicity and where she was now.
After four weeks he had finally decided to take matters into his own hands and visit Princess Felicity, and hopefully at the same time stopping all this silly nonsense once and for all.

Travelling by horse, Prince Nick eventually found the cave where Felicity lived now. He climbed up the rocky face, hurt and sweating, but determined more than ever now. Finally he came onto the entrance and found Foolharte, the court Jester that had kept Felicity company as a dragon all this time, standing guard and looking at him sternly. "You've come to help my Princess I take it?" He asked Nick. "Well, yes. I believe she has been mistreated for her past crimes and I want to help." Prince Nick answered.
Princess Felicity groaned in her cave and saw the prince at the entrance. "Please leave! I do not wish to hurt you like I have hurt others before."
Prince Nick came into the cave boldly and stared in awe at the figure that was Princess Felicity.
She was a large, winged, golden dragon but she still had some of her princess traits, such as her hair and also her coloured eyes. Princess Nick knew these were her traits from being a human because she would fuss with her hair like it would fall out every now and then and would also look in a mirror to make sure she still had the same eyes.
"Princess felicity, I want to help you. I believe you have been unfairly mistreated and I would sincerely like to be here for you, forever."
To prove he was serious, Prince Nick put his sword down and took his armour off to reveal normal semi-royal clothes. He crawled over to Princess Felicity and looked into her eyes, seeing past the dragon features of her. Then quite suddenly he leapt onto her muzzle and gave her the best kiss he could, which was an interesting experience for him to do let me tell you.
Princess Felicity was so surprised by this she grasped the Prince in a cuddly way and held him there for longer to kiss.
Foolharte looked at them in wonder and then saw magic happen. Purple, red, blue and violet sparkles swirled around the Princess, reverting her slowly back into her human form. It was uncomfortable for Felicity but she didn't care, she was happy to have found some-one willing to help her without her demanding it.
She started to shrink slowly as her long tail and neck shrank away and her scales fell off and glittered away into gold pieces on the ground. Her hands and feet struggled a bit as they crackled back into normal fingers and toes and the golden sheen was taken away from her skin. Finally after she shrank down even further the wings and the horns she had collapsed in a heap on the ground and her face wiggled back into a normal woman's face (for she was now the age of a woman). Felicity and Nick unkissed for a few minutes to look at her Transformation back into her old form and they both laughed happily. Foolharte blushed when he realised that the princess was actually stark naked, and so he left the two of them to do what they wanted.
Upon his return the Princess was fully dressed in clothes Prince Nick had bought with him because he had strong belief he could find a way to change her back. And he had been right.
Princess Felicity snuggled with Prince Nick for a few more minutes before she stood up and said aloud. "Ten years ago I was a very badly behaved young girl, and cursed by a wizard to learn a lesson, I had no idea that on the day I would change back would be the same day I would meet my future love. Thank you Prince Nicholas. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
The prince chuckled happily. "Just call me Nick thanks Felicity. And you are very welcome."
So the Princess was taken back to her original kingdom thanks to Foolharte's directions and Prince Nick's kindness to allow them both on his horse. The news was spread quick that the Princess had been returned to her former state and was returning home a different Princess from before. The King and Queen couldn't get their hugging hands away from Felicity long enough for her to breath, but she didn't care. She was happy to be home now.
The cunning and old wizard Slythril looked on and smiled. "She has learnt her lesson well. Let her and her new love become what-ever they TRULY desire to become. But only in their own time."
So the two of them, Princess Felicity and Prince Nicholas, were married soon afterwards and found not long after that that they could suddenly transform into magnificent horses, but neither of them cared because these were creatures they both loved, and Felicity had gotten quite used to changing by now.
As for sweet and caring Foolharte? Well he still does his Jester tricks of course, but he has a young apprentice now. A feisty little fellow who causes havoc wherever he goes. He'd better watch out though, Slythril has his eyes on him.
The end?
The stunning and incredible conclusion to Paulasocar's RQ story about a princess who gets taught a lesson about respecting other.... by being changed into a dragon? yes a bit of an odd way 2 teach it but there u go.
Author's note: bet u guys thought I'd forgotten about this hey? nope ^^'. it's done and it's great and I love the detail of everything. I really loved doing this and I hope you guys love reading it. Enjoy ^^
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JustParodiezMan Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks paul :)
and hey did u notice the name of the prince? *winks*
I sure did! and I also loved the ending as well! ^^
JustParodiezMan Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i thought u would. I made it interesting and also curious. will Foolharte b taught a lesson next i wonder? ^^
Yup. Open-endings are always good! ^^
JustParodiezMan Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
again sorry i took SO long 2 get this done. the next time u want a story written from me i'll b sure to actually DO it and focus on it cuz i'm a author more than an artist.
It's all good! ^^
JustParodiezMan Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
how's part 2 of the birthday present? caus i saw part one but pt 2 never popped up.
(1 Reply)
corbynprower Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
very neat indeed :3
JustParodiezMan Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks papa ^^
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